Understanding the risks tight gym wear

I am sure that you have been at the gym and seen tight shorts or shirts on an individual. In some cases the apparel works, and in other cases you are left just wondering “why?”. And while the aesthetic of tight shorts and shirts could be argued back and forth, there is another issue which should be addressed. What is too tight for gym clothing? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when picking out your gym wear.


Gym clothing which is too tight on the legs may hinder the circulation of blood in the legs. Granted, you may have a flexible fabric on the seams, but if the seams do not expand to an adequate level, or if the elastic is too tight, then you will still be in trouble. When choosing your tight fitting work out shorts, ensure that you can fit two fingers underneath the fabric without too much pressure on the legs. By doing this, you allow the jeans/shorts to have enough elasticity to flex when you do squats and other exercises which expand the thighs.

Shorts and jeans which cut off the circulation may lead to blood clots (long term effect) or could cause the induvial to pass out during their work out routine (immediate effect).

The man factor

While you may wish to have some tight fitting jeans to accent your lower features, men should be cautious in purchasing shorts which hug the nether region. First, tight jeans are not attractive to women. In an article from Men’s Health it was stated that “you want them to fit, but not crazy tight.”. So if you are looking to get positive attention, you may wish to go with some Gold’s Gym Sweat Shorts. Secondly, when you wear spandex tight shorts, you are putting un-needed pressure on your man parts. This could stifle the functionality of reproduction, cause swelling, chafing, and (depending on the tightness) bruising.

The Woman Factor

Women are more idealistic to wearing tight workout clothing as their bodies are more adapt to accenting curvatures properly. There are a few considerations to keep in mind. When purchasing your gym shorts, do not go for the shortest and tightest fit. Keep in mind that you will be bending, squatting, and moving your legs about. Too short and you could end up with a seam rubbing you the wrong way, too much exposure of the glutes, or ripping of the fabric. Additionally, you want your shorts to leave something to the imagination. If the shorts are so tight that they reveal everything, you might as well go to the gym naked, you’d be more comfortable.


Tops are similar to shorts in that you do not want to have them cut off the circulation. Primarily, the arms and the armpits are where you will find the most issues. And while you could go and cut the stitching to make room for your biceps, it would be more beneficial to wear a Muscle Joe Gym T-Shirt, as this wear is specifically designed to flex appropriately with the body as you work out.

When should you wear tight clothing?

Some people may disagree with me on this, but the only time which a person should really wear tight clothing is when jogging and doing cardio workouts. There is really no place for such clothing in weight training and here is why. First, your muscles are in a constant fluctuating state. You want them to be able to move and flex as they will. Secondly, if shirts and shorts are not comfortable the person is more prone to improper stances as he or she will be more likely to stand, sit, or squat in a position which is comfortable, regardless of if it is the right form. This could lead to injury. Finally, design of tight fitting shorts, jeans, and shirts are usually designed specifically for jogging or cardio. Using clothing for its designated purpose is always ideal.

So how tight is too tight?

The gauge is really dependent on your body. Of course, you do not want to try to tuck your body into a shirt or a pair of pants which are too small, that never looks good. At the same time if you have worked out and you have the muscles to show off, you want to do so safely. The best practice is to choose flexible material, breathable fabrics, and use common sense. If the shorts are a bit too tight before you work out, do not wear them. They will get tighter and cause pain as you work out. If the shirts press too hard against your breast, pecks, and biceps, you will not get a good workout because you will constantly be fidgeting to get comfortable or adjusting the shirt. Be comfortable before you begin your workout and you will be more prone to being happy when you are working out.