Gym fashion is one of the most fascinating aspects of life. We can look back through the generations and see the different fashions that were popular in that era. Each generation has had their own mark on the fitness world and today we are seeing that fashion and fitness has begun to meld together throughout the world. This is a trend that is not soon going to pass, so in order to fit in, you had better get on the train and get the fashionable fitness wear you have always wanted.

The 80’s

The first generation to really embrace the fitness wear with fashion lifestyle is during the 80s and even into the early 90s. For some this was an exciting time of wild colors and even wilder hair. For others, it was slightly frightening due to the fact that all of those colors was certainly not a feast for the eyes. Corresponding colors or even muted tones was non-existent during that time and unfortunately, not everyone looked good wearing bright pink spandex. Although some miss the days where anything was possible as far as outer wear was concerned, the vast majority of people are simply happy that the 80s are behind us, but please hold your breath because sometimes trends repeat themselves.

Repeating of Trends

Repeating trends is a fact of life. We have seen it with many different fashion choices. One notable trend was the reinstating of the popular bell bottom jeans in the late 90s and early 2000s. They were everywhere, but fortunately, as the main trend will ultimately repeat itself, it also evolves. We are not seeing the same eye piercing colors that dominating the 80s in fashionable fitness wears. Thankfully, it has evolved into something functional, fashionable, and tolerable.

Today’s mens gym clothing is among the most versatile ever marketed. It can be made from variety of fabrics and are not strictly based on the standard spandex of the previous era. Spandex is still utilized for its durability within the gym for every type of workout imaginable, but it is now blended with other materials to make it softer and much less flamboyant than that of the 80s. fitness wear is now able to take the wearer straight from the gym and out to a casual lunch with friends without attracting too much attention.

Celebrity Factor

Celebrities are often where we make our fashion decisions from. What they wear is what the public wears. We dream of wearing some of the clothing that is worn on the red carpets of Hollywood, yet most people do not have the monetary means to make those dreams a reality. Celebrities are certainly known for their over the top fashion choices, but more and more celebrities are allowing themselves to be photographed much more dressed down than ever before. Photos of popular celebrities leaving the gym or having an afternoon out with their children while wearing fitness clothing is quite popular. As the trend has continued, the average person has become much more comfortable allowing themselves to be seen out and about in their everyday lives in what is simply their workout clothes.

It is Comfortable

Having a night out on the town with friends and family sometimes calls for us to wear our best outfit, but just because it is our best, does not mean that it is very comfortable. Where it may be necessary to put off comfort for a while to enjoy an expensive restaurant, fortunately for the majority of people, we do not have to wear uncomfortable clothing for every activity. Clothing should fit in the right places and be comfortable for our everyday errands and running about town. The good thing is that the fitness fashion trend is also quite comfortable.

We have seen many people walking around in yoga pants, tights, and fitness shirts. They are not all heading out to the gym or just getting out of a hard workout. They are everyday people looking for comfortable clothing to wear. The fitness wear of today is both fashionable as well as comfortable making it among the most versatile fashions ever to have been invented. The comfort comes from the natural ability of fitness wear to contour to the body. People are getting in shape and wearing their fitness wear more often than their regular clothing.

The fitness wear as outerwear trend may not be around for every generation to come, but we of this generation can enjoy the fact that we can go out in public in our fashionable fitness wear without shame. Everyone is jumping on this trend and we can expect this trend to remain for many years. Take the time to evaluate your wardrobe today and see what fitness wear works for you and how you live. It is not just for the gym anymore, so show off your accomplishments.