The founder of Gold’s Gym, Joe Gold, opened his first dedicated fitness centre in Venice Beach, California in 1965. Its members included a young Arnold Schwarzenegger and professional bodybuilders including Dave Draper and Lou Ferrigno to name a few, which meant that Gold’s Gym soon became the place to be. The original gym in Venice Beach was so successful it was featured in the 1977 hit movie, Pumping Iron, which led to the gym being considered ‘a mecca of bodybuilding’. This attention meant that the following of Gold’s Gym continued to grow and it is now considered a bodybuilding landmark.Although Gold’s Gym is no longer being run by the Gold family, it’s still one of the most successful centres of fitness in the world, with over 600 gyms in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Nowadays Gold’s Gym chain is privately owned but still maintains the original mantras of Joe Gold, vowing to help you realise your fitness goals. It’s not just your body that’s important at Gold’s Gym though; your mind and soul are focussed on too, as commitment, passion and dedication are coupled with Gold’s ‘four pillars of health’, happiness, consistency, desire and success.

It’s not just mentality that the Gold’s Gym brand focussed on either; they understand the importance of effective gym clothes for a successful training regime which is why they have a whole range available from online retailers all over the world.

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