In your twenties, everything is easy – going to the gym, playing football, riding a bike and jogging every single morning. You had the motivation, passion and patience for everything, but all of this changes as soon as you turn thirty. Suddenly, you don’t have that much time nor willingness to invest all your energy into working out. That’s why being physically active is challenging once you get older, so you need to adapt to a new regime. Here are five tricks that might help you through the process.

Fitness and stress

Keep in mind that fitness relieves you of stress and makes you less nervous – and being in your thirties is all about being under a ton of stress! Therefore, you need to do something to preserve your mental health, and being physical is the key towards that. Of course, you need to come up with a sustainable workout schedule, set precise goals and try to stick to them – from having a long-term plan to making your gym experience more fun. If you manage to do all of that, your stress level will plummet and you’ll feel amazing.

Focus on your muscles

If you want to get ripped, focus your attention on the muscles and give them enough fuel every single day. This is especially true for all those naturally skinny guys who just want to look buffed – they need to follow certain rules and never forget how important nutrition is. Losing muscle mass after the age of thirty is easier than you think and you don’t really need to do anything in order for this process to happen. But, you can slow it down by eating more protein from a whole range of whole foods – from red meat, chicken and fish, to whey, yogurt and eggs – so change your diet and focus on the protein.

Do something every day

Repetition is the mother of learning, and the same goes for being physically active in your thirties as well. If you limit your gym time on an odd visit once a week, you won’t get much work done and the only thing you’ll gain is a massive loss of time. That’s why you should do something every single day – it doesn’t have to be the gym, of course, but literally anything will do. Ride a bike to work, go for a swim at your local sports centre and find time for a weekly softball game with your work buddies. Continuity is vital when it comes to staying in shape in your thirties, so find exciting activities that will help you do so.

New and old stuff

Speaking of exciting activities, did you know that the biggest problem with working out for thirty-something guys is motivation? They’re usually at work all day and simply don’t feel like lifting weights after an exhausting day at the office. But, if they’re motivated, they’ll actually be able to do something instead of wasting their time. Thinking outside the box and getting interested in new stuff isn’t always as easy as it seems, so you sometimes need to be extreme – activities like rock climbing, yoga and Krav Maga might not seem like your cup of tea at first, but they will eventually get you in shape. Also, look into more intriguing things, such as energetic MMA training that will reshape your body, heal your mind and help you destress at the same time.

Help yourself

Trying to find shortcuts and tricks is always a good way to help yourself stay in shape and stay motivated. Whether it’s working out with a friend, treating yourself with a spa treatment after a gym session or enjoying a cheat day once a week, all of these things will help you work out more successfully. Also, some guys like looking fashionable while lifting weights, so be sure to get some new gym clothing that will boost your spirits and help you stay motivated and goal-oriented every single day.

Remember – staying in shape in your thirties is all about being active and doing something good for your body every day of the week. Establishing a schedule is vital, so do it as soon as possible, and you’ll be on a road to success before you know it!

Peter is a men's lifestyle writer at The Beard Mag. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.