When it comes to protein powders, shakes and mixes, they’re not all the same so don’t listen to anyone that says they are. However, the fact that they’re not all the same means that choosing one isn’t a simple decision and your budget, motivation levels, exercise regime and how quickly you want to see results will all be elements that help you make that final selection.

In order to help you out a little, here are the top five protein supplements, in our opinion, rated according to their awesomeness – taste, nutrition and cost.

1.     Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey

Products produced under the Optimum Nutrition name are considered to be the best of the best and this one is no different. This brand has made a name for itself because of the quality of its products. Although this product in particular doesn’t carry the best taste in the world, and the cost is pretty middle of the road, the quality is certainly near the top and the nutritional value isn’t bad either with an intake of 24g of protein each time you use it.

2.     Champion Nutrition – Pure Whey

Although the protein intake of this stuff is slightly lower, at 21g, it’s still nearing the best. Another product with a middle of the range price tag and product that’s classed as mid to high on the quality scale, the difference here is if you want something that tastes good every time then this is the supplement for you.

3.     Dymatize – Elite Gourmet Protein

If you’re on a tight budget but want great taste and at least mid-range on the quality marks then this is the one for you. With fantastic flavours like cookies and cream it means you can get your sweet fix while loading up on protein and without threatening your training regime with sugary snacks.

4.     Muscle Pharm – Combat Powder

Another great product from a brand that everyone will recognise, Muscle Pharm’s Combat Powder shouldn’t be shunned just because of its number four position on our list. The cost and the quality of this one are pretty good, being great for those on a moderate budget who are looking for products at the higher end of mid quality. However, if you’re looking for great taste this is a product to be avoided because despite its high deliverance of protein (25g) the taste is honestly pretty awful.

5.     Muscle Tech – Phase 8

Now as far as scoring highly on all three sections – cost, quality and taste – this product has it covered, but high-ish quality and a decent taste comes at a hefty price. However, it’s definitely worth it if results are what you’re after.