If you’re serious about bodybuilding then creatine is an essential that you can’t do without. Creatine is produced naturally by your body but not in a large enough quantity to help you create the muscular profile you’re in search of. Creatine is made of a combination of three amino acids which work together to convert ADP (Adenosine diphosphate) back into ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), which is then used by your muscles as energy. Creatine can be found naturally in certain foods including fish and red meat. However, it’s not easy to obtain the quantities necessary when bodybuilding which is why, as well as eating the right foods, creatine supplements are essential. Here’s a list of the five top creatine supplements available in the UK:

1. ProMera Sports: Con-Cret

Con-Cret is more than your standard creatine supplement; it contains creatine HCL which is creatine monohydrate and hydrochloric acid. This combination makes the creatine more water soluble and the best thing is you’ll be able to see results from the very first time you take it so there’s no need to load days in advance. Because it contains creatine HCL you will also be happy to hear that there are fewer side effects, such as water retention.

2. Muscle Pharm: Creatine

As you’re probably aware, there are several different types of creatine and some varieties will suit you better than others. If you’re not sure which type will be right for you then Creatine by Muscle Pharm is definitely worth a try as it contains five different varieties including: monohydrate, ABB, nitrate, malate, and MagnaPower.

3. All American EFX: Kre-Alkalyn

Again, loading is unnecessary with this product as you’ll notice results from your first use. Kre-Alkalyn is also known as pH correct creatine and the pH level in this particular supplement will cause a reaction with the stomach acid, consequently increasing levels of absorption.

4. Beast Creature

This supplement really doesn’t deserve to be in the number four spot. It should be much higher. It’s only the high price tag that’s keeping it down. Beast Creature is said to have unbelievable purity as well as quick uptake which is essential for any good bodybuilding supplement. Choosing this particular supplement will ensure your body receives four different types of creatine: Creapure, MagnaPower, Create Anahydrous and Creatine AKG.

5. Optimum: Micronized Creatine Powder

This is a completely different type of supplement to the others. It’s made up of creatine monohydrate – often considered classic creatine – which is the supplement of choice for many bodybuilders as it’s made by the previously mentioned CreaPure brand. If you want something that’s pure and not full of additives you really can’t go wrong with this one that’s marketed as boasting 99.99% purity.