Looking decent at the gym can be a quite a challenge when your pushing sets to failure, bright red and dripping with sweat. However there are a few simple tricks you can use to ensure you look your best when you work out. There are some clever gym wear choices to make if you are the person who tends to be dripping in sweat in the gym!

Mens stringer vests are a great first option for keeping you cool whilst working out, the iconic bodybuilding clothing item; gym stringer vests are designed to be loose fitting, allow for a non-restrictive range of motion, thin shoulder straps accentuate the traps, chest and shoulders. The deep cut arm holes and deep cut neck lines of stringer vests allow for full range of motion without being restrictive. Shoulder workouts in a stringer vest will transform your routine!

The gym stringer was a popular clothing item at the original Gold's Gym 1006 Pacific Avenue. Bodybuilders such as Lou Ferrigno favourited the stringer vest due to its ability to make the physique look more tapered at the waist with the full shoulders on show. 

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