Guides to fitness and weight loss can be found in a number of places nowadays but there are certainly plenty of them that fail to fully acknowledge the value of one particular activity – sprinting. There are many ways to achieve the kind of physique that you have always wanted and everyone will surely agree the importance of regular exercise and a diet to back it up. However, not everybody would place sprinting in amongst the list of essential training techniques to try out.

Sprinting is missed off the training programme for many bodybuilders but it has been found time and time again to be ideal for building muscle and cutting fat. This is also in perfect evidence when you see 100m runners at professional level – they have explosive power and lean bodies to go with it.

For those who sprint as their profession they will have a mix of high intensity interval training. For example, a standard week of training is likely to include time dedicated to a range of weight lifting and of course some sprints. Whether you are a pro or not though, it is also fun letting yourself go and pushing yourself to the max with a sprint, so with the plus points to be enjoyed what are you waiting for?