Wanting to avoid those busy times in the gym when you have to wait awkwardly for the free weights or a machine to become available is nothing new, but there are some who are willing to take their aversion to having their session delayed to the extreme. The frustration of feeling pumped up for a workout at the most unsociable of hours when the doors to your gym have long since closed is becoming a thing of the past as many are now open through the night.

The increase in popularity for 24-hour gyms was detailed in a Daily Mail article and the use of pre-recorded spin class instructions is a novel feature for the nocturnal endorphin enthusiast. The working lifestyle naturally minimises the time you have to do the things you really want and it is not always easy staying in tip-top physical condition either. The typical ‘9 to 5’ routine is also not something that everyone is subject to, so many people need a gym that can adapt to their needs.

Joining a new gym can also be a tad daunting for some people so it is understandable that being able to train during the quieter periods is a much more appealing way to ease into the routine. Access to the gym at any hour of the day is certainly in keeping with ever-changing times and there is no compromise on safety, with sophisticated ID systems to control entry and call buttons for members to seek help when staff are not available.