Not so many years ago, if you wanted workout clothing, you only had a few manufacturers to choose from, namely Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Puma. These “big four” had the fitness clothing industry all but sewn up. However, with their backgrounds firmly in competitive sports like athletics and tennis, the clothes made by these companies were not really aimed at gym-goers and in terms of design and style, were pretty conservative.

As going to the gym became a more common pastime, other companies have come to the fore and have made workout gear exciting again.

Of course, clothing designed to wear in the gym has to meet certain criteria if it’s going to do the job as well as look good. Gym clothing needs to be…

  • Tough
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to care for
  • Hardwearing
  • Long lasting
  • Form-fitting
  • Non-restrictive
  • Practical
  • Stylish
  • Functional
  • Good value for money

If you are looking to update your workout wardrobe, look no further than GASP INC.

GASP clothing. workout wear not only meets all of the above criteria, it is designed specifically for gym addicts and hard core exercisers just like you. With retro as well as modern designs, GASP workout wear will ensure you look your best whenever you hit the gym and whatever exercise you are doing.

Their wide range of clothing includes warm-up hoodies, compression shirts, shorts, vests, workout pants and T-shirts and every garment has been hand-treated to make each one truly unique.

Made by and designed for bodybuilders, you can be sure that your GASP Clothing garment will be tough enough to survive just about anything you throw at it in the gym. And because bodybuilders and hard training athletes are often built in such a way that regular “street” clothes just don’t fit properly, GASP also produce a range of casual clothing including jeans, jackets and shorts designed specifically with the more muscular man in mind so you can say goodbye to having to buy jeans with a massive waist just so you can pull them up over your thighs!

In addition to their clothing range, GASP bodybuilding also produce a great range of quality workout accessories that includes gym bags, lifting belts, wrists wraps, wrist straps, beanies, baseball hats, water bottles, gym towels and protein shaker cups.

GASP, a Swedish company with offices in Stockholm and Dallas in the USA, has been around for more than 20-years and is a proud sponsor of several world-class bodybuilders and bodybuilding competitions. With a reputation for quality and value, GASP gym clothes will really make you stand out in the gym. shop gasp clothing button