Not so many years ago, gym clothing was the poor relative of fashion. Workout wear was functional but dull, conservative, not always ideal for the task it was designed for and there was very little choice available. Materials were not very user-friendly and as for attractive colours or designs – forget about it!

Thankfully, more recently, gym clothing has turned the corner and made the transition from dull and functional to funky and fun so that, whatever your personality and whatever you are training for, there is workout wear that is right for you!


The biggest change in gym clothing has been the introduction of new, innovative fabrics designed to keep you cool and comfortable when you work out. Cotton and other far-from-ideal materials have been replaced with a host of lightweight, breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and cool no matter how hard you are exercising.

And while modern workout wear tends to be form-fitting, it is not restrictive – the inclusion of spandex means that you have complete freedom of movement whatever you are doing.

All gym clothing is designed to be easy to care for and fast drying so there is no need to wear the same gym clothing two days in a row – something the other gym users and your trainer will undoubtedly be glad about! Some are even impregnated with anti-bacterial agents to prevent body odour. How’s that for a very specific addition?

Colours and designs

Modern fabrics come in a never-ending variety of colours and designs. These super-fabrics are so versatile that there is no need to wear dull workout gear – you can dress as extrovertly as you wish. Colours are also much less likely to fade from these specialist fabrics which means that your new gym clothing will continue to look good long after you first wear it. As far as designs go, whether you prefer short sleeves, shorts, longer sleeves, tights, leggings or hoodies, there are an almost unlimited range of colours and designs to choose from.


Cotton T-shirts, badly-fitting shorts and saggy track pants used to be the norm but modern gym wear looks as good as it performs. Vests that reveal your hard-won muscles, crop tops to show off your lean, flat stomach, flattering shorts and fun but functional workout tops mean that you can dress to impress not only on the street but in the gym too.

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