The technology behind gym wear has come quite far over the last decade. Gym wear has come a long way from basic baggy fitting cotton sweat tops and those iconic knit leg warmers. There is now a huge choice of fabrics available for the new generation of fitness fanatics. It is important to be choosing the correct gym wear fabrics for the appropriate activity.

The first element to consider when looking at purchasing new workout clothes is the type of activity you be taking part in. You need to factor, your environment and how this will effect your ability to remain comfortable and dry whilst working out.

While normally the first choice of gym wear fabric, cotton does have it's down sides. Untreated standard cotton is in nature an absorbant fabric. As your body sweats whilst you work out in an attempt to cool, the moisture can be trapped in the fabric causing the garment to therefore become heavy and uncomfortable. To avoid this, synthetic fabrics are normally a better option for wicking away moisture from the body. Synthetic fibres are generally nonabsorbant, where moisture is then able to easily evaporate into the air.