One of the most important points when selecting any gym clothing for your workouts is comfort! You should avoid any coarse or rough fabrics that could irritate your skin. 90% of the mens gym clothing stocked at Anax is constructed from high quality soft cotton. We ensure that anything you buy from our UK online store is well suited for exercise.  Choosing cotton clothing will stretch and allow ease of movement without any restriction.  Check out our Golds Gym clothing range for a great starting point and our mens vest ranges.

Wicking ability

If you're looking for some workout clothes designed to keep you cool then you must check out our Pursue Fitness Breathable Vests. If you tend to perspire a lot then these Breath easy vest top are ideal! Constructed from polyester these mens vests allow moisture to pass through the fabric taking heat with it rather than being absorbed by the fabric. Any polyester/ Lycra blend or another synthetic material will achieve similar results.


Whether you tend to exercise outdoors or prefer to train in multiple layers, you can build clothing layers from vests and gym t-shirts and layer with one of our many gym hoodies. Start with a moisture-wicking dry layer such as the pursue vest mentioned above, and then add a warmer layer, such as our World Gym sweatshirts or Vascular wear hoodies.

Be sure to consider the activities you will be performing when choosing the appropriate gym clothing.