Everyone who works out on a regular basis has a different level of cardio they like to include in their. There are some who dedicate most or all of their routine to it, whereas others prefer to mix it in with their weight training. As with fitness in an overall sense, there are numerous segments of misinformation that get banded about.

The intensity of your cardio workout is important in determining whether it is advisable to eat or not beforehand. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is regularly undertaken and if you are doing this as opposed to a much steadier session then it is certainly recommended that you take the necessary fuel on board in advance. The glucose is particularly important so your body does not burn its muscle tissue instead of fat.

While many would consider the key to losing weight safely to be a combination of a sensible and balanced diet and regular exercise there are some who assume that as you are doing cardio you can eat anything. Cardio can aid you considerably in your quest for fitness and keeping in shape but it should never be at the expense of eating right.

It is possible to think of cardio as being something that should be done every day to the hardest intensity possible. You will soon pass the point of getting into shape and run into the perils of being exhausted and in the worst case injured if you take such an approach.