Choosing the right gym shorts for men is a much harder decision than it was just a few years ago, with even more styles and fits available for different types of exercise. Some shorts are suited to one form of exercise (like football shorts for example) more than others, which means it’s all the more important that you choose the right ones for your needs. We give you a handy guide to helping you choose your gym shorts from Anax Fitness below.


Compression gym shorts are a popular choice for competitive athletes looking for the ultimate support and smooth finish in order to boost performance times as well as provide warmth and reduce the impact of sweat. However, for the non-Olympian, compression shorts are also great for everyday training, particularly as a base layer for outdoor training or to provide support during a workout which can help to reduce muscles pulls and strains, as well as boost circulation. A good pair of compression shorts should be a key part of your workout wardrobe, and are great worn under some mesh shorts.

Our Picks:

Dcore Fit Compression Short
Men's dcore compression shorts

Under Armour Heat Gear Compression Short

Under Armour Compression Shorts


If you’re looking for everyday shorts to wear to the gym or weight training, then a pair of cotton or gym shorts is ideal. Styles which are loose, made from cotton or nylon/polyester with mesh linings are great for providing you with comfort and the flexibility to move around easily. Most modern gym shorts come with built in technology to wick away sweat, and they tend to be long lasting and therefore a great investment for your workout wear. Choosing the right size is important – opt for a comfortable but not too loose fit and avoid anything tight which could cause chaffing.

Our Picks:

Dcore Comfy Mesh Shorts

dcore comfy gym short for men
Better Bodies Raw Sweat Shorts
better bodies training shorts for men


Many people associate running shorts with ‘short shorts’ designed to be easy to run in, without chaffing and reducing sweat impact. However, running shorts are available in a range of different lengths, allowing you to choose the best style according to your personal preferences. Longer shorts styles will help to guard more against chaffing whilst lightweight fabrics will help to boost your performance.

Dcore X-Fit Performance Shorts
dcore mens running shorts


Golds Gym Longer Length Mesh Shorts

 At Anax Fitness, we stock a wide range of men’s gym shorts and fitness short styles to suit your different workout needs. From helping to boost your performance to keeping sweat at bay, there is a short style available for any purpose. Take a look at our full men’s short range by clicking here with some great new short styles available as well as some fantastic special offers.