Burning Fat

Your body will adapt to any given situation, regardless of the years of neglect it may have experienced. If you want to get rid of several pounds of fat then there’s no reason why it should take forever because you really can shift it much faster than you put it on. Here are some simple pointers that will help you burn fat quickly without hindering your muscle development:

Stay away from the scales

Scales really do skew the truth so although they’re good to use as a guide every now and again, it’s important to stay away from using them on a daily basis. The way you feel, the way you look in the mirror and the way that your clothes fit are much better gauges of the amount of fat that you’ve lost. With bodybuilding it’s important to remember that as you lose fat you’re likely to gain muscle, in which case the scales aren’t likely to report much progress. If you lose six pounds of fat for example, but in the meantime also gain six pounds of muscle, the scales will say that your weight has stayed the same. Although it’s good to check the scales every week or so, don’t get into a routine with it because the results won’t necessarily tell you much.

Gradually reduce your calorie intake

A lot of people make a huge mistake when it comes to losing fat as they think that minimising their calorie intake will cause their body to use up fat stores. In reality, all starving your body really does is slow down your metabolism and consequently, everything that you do eat will be stored by your body as it sets into starvation mode. In order to avoid this it’s important to reduce your calorie intake by small amounts every couple of weeks.

Vary your calorie consumption

Whenever you’re trying to lose fat your body will notice the changes and your metabolism will slow down in order to prevent quick fat loss. However, there are ways to outsmart your body in order to ensure that the unwanted fat drops off quickly. Rather than eating the same things and therefore taking in exactly the same number of calories every day, it’s a good idea to vary your intake every couple of days, by eating a bit more or a bit less, in order to keep your metabolism in check and to ensure the fat is being burnt.

Use weights when you train

Weight training burns a lot of calories and, after training with weights, it’s been proven that your body continues to burn calories for up to 39 hours after you exercise – the same can’t be said for aerobic exercise. As you start to gain muscle you’ll begin to lose even more calories because if you have a lot of muscle, your body naturally burns more calories. If your goal is solely to lose fat rather than gain muscle, it’s still essential to train with weights alongside your usual exercise regime.