Balance is very important in any sort of fitness training and certainly when it comes to bodybuilding. Most of us are aware just how wrong it looks for someone to have a hugely developed upper body and legs that have been starved of workouts. Your back is a crucial building block in your training and you can find a number of techniques to refine it. If you have been feeling a certain amount of frustration with how your back has been coming along in relation to the rest of your training then it can be tempting to try to do too much to get fast results. If you have to swing or put the rest of your body into your lifts then don?t hesitate to take it down a weight. Free weights should be incorporated into your back session each time and it is a very good tip to place your focus on an individual area whenever you work your back. Straps are recommended for your workout and this will allow you to really feel the way that the exercise is benefitting your back as opposed to just feeling it in your arms. Exercises that isolate your latissimus dorsi as much as possible such as straight-arm pulldowns are also particularly useful.