Although there are plenty of gym-goers who are simply out to shed the pounds and keep them off, there are many people who have the desire to add muscle.The ‘dos and don’ts’ of bodybuilding have been debated for a very long time and unless you are particularly clued up, it can be easy to confuse yourself and take bad advice. Here are some tips to add that strength you are looking for without injuring yourself or going down any other ill-advised avenues.

building muscle

    • Work out at home too: When you think of how to bulk up, it is natural to instantly associate it with spending a great deal of time in the gym. While this is a very important part of it, you should not discount the value of working out at home. It is easy to make a start by just adding some press-ups into your routine, for example.
    • Focus on the whole body: Balance is crucial in a workout plan and we have all seen the photographic evidence of what overtraining certain areas while neglecting others can bring. Try to give each muscle group an equal amount of attention, so if you do a certain number of sets for one area, do the same again when you move on.
    • Take those shakes on board: Workout supplements can make a lot of difference in how much you can get through in your session and how you recover and develop afterwards. Take the time to research the recommended pre- and post-workout supplements and get to know which ones work best for you.
    • Get your post-workout carbs in: In the eyes of many, carbs should be avoided at all costs, but when you are trying to bulk up they are particularly valuable. It is vital not to overload on them but consuming carbs after your workout is important. Here are some good options: dried fruit and nuts, wholegrain cereal, crackers, banana, pasta, wholemeal bread.
    • Eat regularly: Skipping meals is certainly not helpful (nor enjoyable) when you are trying to build muscle. You should be eating around five or six small meals per day so don’t cut back on the food once you start your training, take it on board more frequently but with some careful thought to what you are consuming.