Vascular Wear is a relatively new brand that was established in 2012. Dedicated to the regular gym user, their range of clothing is perfect for showing off the toned torso that you’ve spent hours of hard work perfecting.

Finding clothes that look good and that are suitable for a hard workout in the gym isn’t always easy, but with Vascular Wear you’ll never have that problem. The Vascular Wear range is casual and looks great, is extremely comfortable and will give you a level of confidence you’ve never had before when going to the gym.

Although they’re a relatively small and new brand, Vascular Wear has big aspirations of being the best. Their motto, ‘Look the best, wear the best, BE THE BEST’, shows this.

If you choose to buy from the Vascular Wear range here at Anax Fitness you can be sure that care has gone into every last detail in order to make this brand a great one to wear in and out of the gym. With stringer vests, track pants, hoodies and t-shirts in a variety of colours there really is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something to wear for an intense training session, or something casual to go for a wander through your local park.

Vascular Wear