Better Bodies

Next up in our Brand Focus series is a brand that we’re really serious about – which is why we stock it – Better Bodies.

All keen athletes have experienced the pain and suffering that back to back hours in the gym can cause, but it is this pain that pushes them to go further, to extend their goals and to improve their personal bests. In order for an athlete, of any level, to be the best they can, they need clothes that are on their side and aren’t going to hinder their performance.

Past to the present day

Better Bodies was founded in the early Eighties by New York fitness guru, Brian Moss. Back then, Better Bodies was a fitness modelling agency and became exceptionally popular over in America. It wasn’t until after a promotional event, where some T-shirts that incorporated the ‘Better Bodies’ logo were used, that interest started to build in their clothes and outsiders demanded that a collection be made. Today, as part of Swedish Fitness Training AB, Better Bodies is one of the biggest gym wear brands in the world. They create high quality, stylish and functional gym wear that’s suitable for athletes of all levels.


Better Bodies gym wear is suitable for males and females of all fitness levels who are working towards the same goal – to get a better body. Better Bodies clothing helps you achieve the goals that you set yourself because they’re conducive to exercise and effective training. The great thing about their products is that you’ll never get bored of what you’re wearing either because they’re a brand that’s constantly revamping their range and releasing new products throughout the year.

Athlete sponsors

Better Bodies has a huge professional following but they refuse to sponsor anyone other than the best athletes in each field. As you’d probably expect, with a heavy Nordic influence, Better Bodies sponsor a huge number of Nordic athletes but their sponsorship isn’t limited to these Northern European countries. Here are a few of their world famous representatives who you may have heard of: Trish Warren: IFBB pro and married to fellow bodybuilding champion Branch Warren. She is a champion bodybuilder and one of the most well-known female names in the world of IFBB. Ben Mudge: Takes his fitness extremely seriously as a professional personal trainer and IFBB Men’s Physique competitor.