2Eros is an Australian swim and underwear brand for men who are looking for stylish, well cut underwear and swimming apparel. This is a brand that’s aimed at the physically fit and toned, with low-cut styles that are designed to accentuate the torso. Swimwear has become pretty boring over the last few years and 2Eros designer Jason Hoeung wanted to create a range that’s a little different, which is how he came up with the current 2Eros range. With a variety of fits, colours and designs available the 2Eros brand is made for the man who wants to standout at the poolside and enjoys the attention of others.


Hoeung grew up in Sydney Australia with parents who owned a fashion company. He went on to study graphic design at KVB Institute of Design and since then has led a brand which thrives in the fashion industry all over the world. The brand is intended to show off the designer’s roots with a strong connection to the Australian, surfing lifestyle incorporated into the range. 2Eros offer a range of swimwear and underwear that goes far beyond what you’d expect and would be able to get hold of at mainstream stores. Hoeung believes the success of his brand is down to the garments being striking yet still conforming to rules of style. He describes the brand as “synonymous with confidence” – something you’ll only begin to understand when you put on a 2Eros garment.

What is 2Eros?

It might seem a strange name for a brand but actually, it makes perfect sense. Some people say ‘two zeros’, some say ‘zeros’, the way it’s intended is actually ‘to Eros’. Eros is the Greek God of love and lust and all things masculine, symbolically representing sex and passion. So, ‘to Eros’ consequently translates as ‘to the God of love’. In keeping with the name, 2Eros therefore offers a range of sexy, luxury swimwear and underwear designed for men who want to make an impact when stripping down for a swim.

Where can I buy 2Eros?

2Eros is an online store that was launched internationally in 2008. However, it is also possible to get your hands on their products at some of their carefully selected stockists around the world, including here at Anax Fitness.