There’s a lot more to a gym workout than the exercise itself. Everyone’s been in the position where they want to continue with their workout, they feel that their body can deliver a lot more but the fact that their body and clothes are covered in cold sweat is bringing their time in the gym to a grinding halt. No one knows this unrewarding feeling more than a bodybuilder and it’s this is exactly why specialist gym clothing has become such a big business. One of the most reputable brands specifically for body builders is 1 Rep Max.

The brand

1 Rep Max is a high quality gym wear brand that’s been designed to rival other top brands of the sporting industry.

With 1 Rep Max you’re guaranteed to find clothes that will suit the lifestyle of a bodybuilder because the whole range has been design by British bodybuilders, along with professional fashion designers. Although the range has been designed by bodybuilders, the clothes are suitable for male and female gym goers of all abilities. The fact that it has been designed by bodybuilders, however, means that you can be sure that whatever garments you choose will be suitable for even the hardest of workouts.

The clothes

1 Rep Max already have a great selection of gym wear but their range is ever expanding and new gym vests, stylish T-shirts, sweatshirts and jogging bottoms are constantly being added to their collection. As new products continue to be added, you can be sure that there’ll always be a large choice of colours for whatever garments you happen to be interested in.

The range that 1 Rep Max offer is intended to be a range that caters for everyone, but specifically for those who take part in heavy duty training. The range available has everything that any beginner, amateur or professional athlete could want. Clothes that are flattering to the shape – if you’re looking for clothes that are going to show off the amazing shape that you’ve created so far – and items that are much less clingy and don’t make you feel restrained when exercising.

Brand truth

The 1 Rep Max team have worked hard to create a range that really is suitable for the heavy going gym user. A lot of brands boast that they design and supply gym wear for people of all abilities but can very rarely deliver what they promise. 1 Rep Max really can. Their range has been designed by real pros including:

Jason Barnham: Formerly a competitive bodybuilder who still keeps up with a lot of his old training regime. Barnham is now a co-owner of bodybuilding forum Muscle Talk along with the next member of the 1 Rep Max team.

James Collier: Manages many of the top names in the bodybuilding and strongman industry. He is a professional fitness event promoter – so he know what he’s talking about – and, as mentioned above, is co-owner of the forum Muscle Talk.

Aaron Lambert: Currently making a name for himself in UK bodybuilding, Lambert is a UKBFF British Finalist who’s getting better and better as time goes on.