There is certainly an attraction to taking on a routine that will lead you towards the body you desire but it is possible to go head first into bodybuilding without the know-how required. Mistakes with your training can take you well off track and it starts with not giving yourself goals to aspire to. Any progress you make should be recorded and this lets you find what works well and what doesn't.

Some people can have a target in mind such as working on their chest and biceps but balance is very important in a bodybuilding training routine. If you choose to shun work on your weaker areas then the stronger parts of your body will continue to improve while the weak points will fall further behind in comparison.

Variation is a very positive thing and this holds true when it comes to your training. Compound exercises are when you work multiple muscle groups in unison as opposed to in isolation and an example is the bench press. This exercise gives areas such as your anterior deltoid and your pectoralis minor and major a workout.

Bodybuilding and indeed any other fitness training can be extremely addictive but it is necessary to give yourself time to recover in order to grow. Failing to stretch and warm up is also one of the classic pitfalls that can lead to injury and this quite simply puts all of your progress on hold and can set it back in many cases.