Over the years bodybuilding apparel has changed and the weird and wonderful has ended up becoming the accepted norm. We have seen short shorts, The baggiest of sweatpants, sleeveless, full sleeved, Stringer vest, Ripped vests and even no clothing at all. The question is will bodybuilding clothing come full circle or will the gym attire be replaced by the new aesthetic looking era. The decision however is up to you, do you follow the current trends like a sheep in the heard or do you pave your own way.

Bodybuilding clothing was not made to always look the best or be the brightest, It was made to do the job and withstand the test of time and each brutal workout. If you are not sure which direction to move in, then we can help. Staple brands of bodybuilding such as Golds Gym Wear and World Gym have not changed much over the years, have not followed the latest gimmick and have not deterred in quality, Bringing the best results each time. The Beautiful thing about bodybuilding clothing is no matter what frame you have, if your a 300lb monster or you are a 180lb aesthetic god, it will do its job and it will serve the purpose of which ever sport or brutal workout you throw at it. Wear the best, Feel the best, Be the best.