Whether you’re getting ready to patrol the beach on your summer holiday or you’ve got a big competition coming up, there’s no doubt you’ll want your six pack to be the envy of everyone else. A six pack shows everyone that you’re at the peak of physical fitness and also holds extreme sex appeal. For those who plan on patrolling the beaches this summer in their best fitness gear, it’s this that’s important; for serious athletes, it’s the fact that a six pack proves they’re on top of their game, ready for major competitions and ready to go head to head against other major athletes. Once a six pack has been established it looks completely effortless but it takes a lot of work to maintain. Clean eating, cardio vascular training and effective weight training are the only ways to maintain perfect washboard abs, so here are some of the key exercises that’ll keep your six pack looking godly.

Cable crunches

Set your weight machine to your usual lifting weight and attach a rope to the pulley. Hold one end of the rope in each hand at your shoulders; kneel down and roll your body forwards towards the floor, holding onto the rope the whole time. Be sure to round your back and as you curl your head towards you knees – feel your abdominal muscles crunching together. Hold this position each time for around five seconds and then release slowly, back to the original position before repeating the exercise.

Jack knife sit-up

Lie flat on the floor and hold a medicine ball behind your head. Sit up, bringing the medicine ball with you, and hold it out in front of you between your hands and feet. Bend your knees and lift them so that they’re raised off the floor; allow yourself to lean back so that your torso is at an approximate 45 degree angle to the floor. With your legs still raised, move the medicine ball away from your ankles and stretch and twist your torso as far as you can to the left, slowly lowering the medicine ball towards the floor. Then do the same in the opposite direction and continue to alternate until you can no longer prevent the medicine ball from touching the ground.

Hanging knee raises

Use a chin lift bar and, if possible, attach your hands using harnesses, although this isn’t essential. Hold onto the chin bar and allow your body to hang in a relaxed manner keeping your legs straight and ankles together. Keep your ankles together and lift your knees up to your chest. Once your knees are touching your chest hold the position for several seconds while squeezing your abdominal muscles at the same time. When you’ve held the position for a few seconds, slowly lower your legs back to the position you started from and then repeat.

Seated leg tucks

Sit on a bench and hold onto the sides to support yourself. Raise your legs off the floor, bend your knees and bring them towards your chest and lean back at an approximate 45 degree angle. Continue to move your legs from outstretched to the tucked position; you’ll start to feel your abdominal muscles crunch together as your rib cage and pelvis meet which will help to develop your upper and lower rectus abdominis.