Injuries unfortunately play a huge role in sports and fitness and when they hit the hardest the impact they can have is catastrophic. The sight of a sportsman or woman clinging to the back of their leg after suffering a hamstring strain or tear is never nice to see and when it happens to you it is particularly unpleasant. It is impossible to try to come up with a sure-fire way to guard against hamstring issues due to the complexity of this area but you can certainly help by taking on various approaches in your preparation.

Considering the trouble encountered in finding the solution for hamstring problems it is little surprise that so many sporting competitors suffer recurrences. Comprehensive studies into this specific aspect of physical activity have been fairly thin on the ground but it is suggested that dynamic stretching should be favoured over static stretching before running for example.

There are a few different dynamic stretches you can try and lunges are a good one to begin with. Taking a long stride, drop down your back knee to the ground as if you were kneeling down but keep your furthest leg forward and your knee over your toes. While keeping yourself upright you should make sure you tighten your abs.

One of the causes of hamstring injuries is said to be a warm-up and warm-down routine that is incorrect. Whenever you take part in vigorous exercise it is of course necessary to make sure your body is suitably prepared. Among the ways to get yourself in tune for the session ahead is to take part in a series of dynamic stretches and leg lifts are a very simple one to implement into your regime.

It is as easy as standing upright with your hands on your hips and swinging one of your legs to your side and then across your standing leg. Repeat this ten times for each leg and do your best to stay upright and maintain your balance.

Next you may wish to try walking very slowly while lifting your heels up to your backside. You can start off with the slow walk before increasing it to a jog and again making sure you do around ten for each leg.

Another dynamic stretch you may have heard of is known as the ‘hacky sack’. In this exercise you stand up straight while lifting one leg and pushing your knee out as you would if you were to sit cross-legged. Try to touch the inside of your raised foot with your opposite hand without allowing yourself to bend forward. This is an effective way to prepare your hamstrings for your exercise session and target increased flexibility.