The Key to a successful workout is how you feel during your session. Nothing is more important than how your gym wear feels, with the added bonus of how good you look in it. Imagine training in something you didn't feel comfortable in... your session would be ruined, I guarantee it.

The mind wanders... the focus goes... and you then wish you would of never stepped out the house looking like this. If your reading this and you have felt this pain then clearly your gym wear is not right for you.

What do I wear? Well I like to go for a bit of variation. Gym wear has made advancements over the years and we are now in this new aesthetic era, Pursue fitness tapered joggers and fitted jacket would be my staple choice for comfort and design, the fit is not to tight yet is cut to a tee in the right areas for that extreme v-taper you know you all want. the tapered legs give room for the quads, because after all.. legs do need just as much hammering as everywhere else, there ain't no chicken legs knocking around here. Upper body, well like I said we do have an era of aesthetics upon us, but some just don't cut it like GASP does, GASP is the original hardcore gym wear... the foundation of durability, Its not over the top designs, its not a multi colored vest, the GASP white vintage t-back vest is all I need in my session to make a statement.. to let people know that I'm here.. I'm focused and move out the way because this guy is on a mission. So there you have it, Aesthetic branding with hardcore bodybuilding clothing image is a great combination, a must for every session.

Make your on decisions on what suits you and your abilities best, but never underestimate the importance that gym wear has on your next workout. Look good, feel good, and the rest is in your hands