Vascular Wear

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Vascular Gym Wear established in 2012 is a brand designed for the dedicated Gym enthusiast. Simple yet effective, Vascular Gym Clothing is fitted and compliments your body and shows off the hours you\'ve put in at the gym. Finding the right clothing for the gym isn\'t always easy, with Vascular Gym Wear you can feel confident that when being seen in the brand people know that your not just training hard, your living a lifestyle. The Vascular range features, gym shorts, sleeveless gym hoodies, long sleeve gym hoodies, sweat pants, stringer gym vests, and deep v-neck t-shirts. Vascular Gym Wear has been designed to the highest standard taking into consideration every bit of detail. Not only is the clothing suited for your training in the gym, it\'s also a brand that you can feel confident about wearing outside of the gym and still look good. Vascular is focusing on becoming the brand that is associated with the best of its kind in the gym! YOU

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