Look around the gym and you’ll see a wide variety of gym clothing. From old-school cotton T-shirts and baggy track pants to state-of-the-art workout wear made from breathable and lightweight fabrics. And while exercisers are free to choose in whatever gym wear they prefer, what would a professional personal trainer want you to wear if you were his or her client?


Gym wear materials have come a long way since cotton was pretty much the only choice. That’s not to say cotton is a bad material – it’s natural and breathable after all. But, once you get your sweat on, cotton soon becomes heavy and uncomfortable.

Cotton has been superseded by breathable and light weight fabrics such as those used in the new USN collection which has been designed to keep you cool even when you are crushing your workout. Modern, lightweight materials allow moisture to evaporate from your skin which keeps you cool and comfortable. These materials do not get saturated with sweat so they are hygienic too.

They are also quick drying and easy to wash so there is no need to wear the same gym clothing two days in a row – something most personal trainers will be very grateful for!


Baggy, sagging gym clothes do not help a personal trainer to do their job. They need to be able to see your limbs so that they can assess whether an exercise is being performed properly. Poor exercise form not only increases risk of injury, it also decreases the results you’ll get from your workout. Form-fitting exercise clothing will make it much easier for your trainer to see and then correct your exercise form and that means better results for you.


Whenever you work out with your trainer, you are a walking, talking, squatting, bench pressing advert for his or her business. For that reason, most trainers want their clients to be looking their best. Part of looking good comes from the results you get from your workouts but, equally, your workout wear should also enhance your appearance.

It’s not just the trainer who benefits from a well-dress client though – you will too. If you look good, you tend to feel good and that positive mindset soon transfers to better gym performance and therefore better results. Dress to impress and you’ll feel far better about yourself and your workouts.


Compression garments, good warm-up clothing, the right shoes, an appropriate weight belt, wrist straps, workout gloves – all of these items can enhance your workout performance meaning you can exercise harder and longer and will get better results from your workouts. This is not only good for you but for your trainer too as his continued professional reputation hinges on the results you get from your time together. Using good-quality exercise accessories can add a lot to your workouts – just try a good set of lifting straps and see!

Personal trainers spend a lot of time in gyms and with people who exercise; if anyone knows what gym wear is best it’s these guys!