We get a lot of customers puzzling over the difference between Classic Golds Gym Clothing and Golds Gear, so we have decided to write this article to clear up some of the differences.

Golds Gym currently has two manufacturers of their official clothing. The first and original being the Classic Golds Gym clothing. This manufacturer produces the retro/old school Golds Gym clothing. Using classic garment cuts and the iconic old school Golds Gym logo prints. Their garments are generally looser fitting and their stringer vests (Classic Stringers) feature the deeper cut arm holes and neck lines, which are favoured amongst many athletes.

The second manufacturer: Golds Gear are new in the industry and have modernised the classic Golds Gym garments. The vests... what we call 'New Style Stringer Vests' are generally slimmer fitting, and more figure hugging. Their range is far more extensive and includes t-shirts, hoodies, stringer vests, tank tops, shorts and much more.

As a note of caution, Anax Fitness is currently the only company authorised in the UK to retail Golds Gym apparel. There are many UK sites selling cheap counterfeits made in Pakistan and China. Ebay is also populated by fake garments. If your looking for the real deal then come to us!