Besides helping you to firm up and shed those last pounds that have outstayed their welcome, running is such a universally-favoured activity because of how simple it is. Being able to slip off into your own world while pushing your body’s physical boundaries is a prospect many people appreciate, although it has to be said that one downside to a runner’s utopia is the irritation of chafing.

Working your way through a few miles on the treadmill or outdoors is enough of a challenge without feeling as if your nipples or other sensitive areas are bleeding. Chafing comes from the friction of your clothes and moisture rubbing against your skin so the first thing you can do is swap that cotton t-shirt for something synthetic. Running long distances while wearing cotton is like carrying an added weight due to the way the material absorbs sweat and allows it to rub on you.</span>

Petroleum jelly will help hugely in protecting you from chafing but it is a good idea to look for a product that is specifically designed not to leave its mark on your clothes. As well as the nipples, chafing can affect your thighs, arms and between your legs, so it may also be worth considering wearing a plaster over the affected areas.

Sometimes a run can be spontaneous and you may end up going for much longer than you intended but if you know you will be tackling a certain distance then match this up with the amount of lubricant you use. All runners have suffered from irritation at some point so make sure you leave chafing trailing in your wake.