Compression wear is something which has grown hugely in popularity in recent years, and is seen on a large number of professional athletes. Whether you’ve worn compression wear before or you’ve never tried it – you’ll be surprised by the benefits this innovative clothing can have on your performance.

Take a look at some of the benefits of men’s compression wear and our pick of our essential Anax Fitness compression products and change the way you think about your training wardrobe.

They Can Make You Feel Like a Superhero

Now, we’re not saying that compression gear will turn you into Superman, but it will certainly help make you feel capable of anything. Compression wear is tight, but not restrictive and can provide that second skin feel which can help you improve your performance. The effects aren’t just psychological – studies have shown that in disciplines such as weightlifting, those who wore compression garments continuously for 10 weeks added more to their squats than those who didn’t (according to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research), so maybe you could develop superhuman strength after all…

They Can Aid Muscle Recovery

Because of the support they offer, compression clothing can help boost your muscle recovery before it is needed. This is because compression wear applies pressure to your body which can combat the swelling that causes us to feel so sore after exercise. Faster recovery time = being able to train for longer and more frequently, who wouldn’t be happy with that?

They Can Boost Your Energy

Some people claim that because compression wear helps circulation, blood pumps back to the heart quicker, therefore reducing fatigue and allowing you to train for longer periods of time and may mean that you avoid the post-exercise exhaustion that claims many after a session.

They’re Becoming More Hi-Tech

Compression wear is taking advantage of new technology in order to boost your performance and make exercise more comfortable. For example, clothing which eliminates sweat, keeps you warm in cold weather and keep you cool during hot training conditions can help to keep you going and make exercise far more comfortable. For the sake of an extra layer of clothing, you could find the way you train much more effective, allowing you to train in all conditions.

Compression Wear: Our Picks

We have a great selection of compression wear available at Anax Fitness, from all of your favourite brands. For your ultimate compression kit we recommend: