There are a lot of gyms that are receptive to new ideas and this is in evidence with the amount of places that now offer Muay Thai classes. Known as the ‘science of eight limbs’, Muay Thai is a sport that combines striking techniques with the fists, knees, elbows and feet for example. As it takes such high intensity it is easy to appreciate the volume of benefits that it can provide, both mentally and physically.

Firstly, it has to be noted that it takes a certain degree of bravery to get started with Muay Thai and from this point it only helps you to build your confidence and allow more of your character to show through. It is the ideal activity for burning calories and helping to build muscle as you constantly have to use multiple muscle groups when sparring with another person.

Your body consciousness and awareness will improve considerably if you are committed to regular sessions of Muay Thai and due to how incredibly demanding it is you cannot fail to increase your stamina. Although it takes a lot of effort it can be hugely fulfilling feeling your body being cleansed through this activity and it is a unique alternative to other training you can take part in during your time at the gym.