GASP Clothing.. Bodybuilding.. Sweden? Ring any bells?

The first two you are probably thinking "Yeah, I've seen GASP Clothing on Athletes. Come to think of it... Bodybuilding athletes from the USA". What you may not know is that originally GASP Clothing was developed in Sweden, In Stockholm, Over 20 years ago. Now the surprise is that such a big name brand in bodybuilding has come from somewhere that has never had a successful bodybuilding tale to tell. How did they do it? How did they learn? Who did they market there clothes for? The Answer is the original, The original bodybuilders of the 90's. The staple names like Dorian Yates, Lee Haney, Flex Wheeler, Lee Priest. These guys where the level setters, Hardcore wasn't Hardcore until names like this arrived and training wasn't balls to the wall or blood and guts.

So GASP Clothing took the initiative and developed a range of clothing for this new level of training, A clothing that would take a beating and keep coming back for more. A clothing that would take 700lb dead lifts, 600lb squats and ask you is that all you have got? Gym clothing that wouldn't just last a few weeks or months. A clothing label you would ask yourself 'Man how many years have I had these!? and still wear them to this day'. GASP Clothing remains to be developed with old fashioned mentality but now designed for the new generation of bodybuilders, Names like Flex Lewis and Branch Warren. If its not broke, then don't fix it is what they say, Gasp Clothing never did, they kept the foundations, they kept the durability, they kept the passion. A small clothing line from Stockholm is now sold  Worldwide, sold in over 40 countries and is still the Bodybuilders No.1 Clothing choice.