Most gyms have a very diverse set of people who stop by to do their workout each day. There are some who prefer to take on all their sessions on their own, while others prefer to have someone to go through the routine alongside. A training partner or ‘gym buddy’ can be great because you have someone to share in the hard work and accomplishments and it also makes it less daunting if you are not completely familiar with the gym you attend.

There may well be bigger decisions to make in life but picking the right training partner is still important. Perhaps the worst characteristic that your gym buddy can have is unreliability. If you are committed to making a success of your exercise routine then it will drive you insane if the person you are meant to be going with keeps letting you down.

While you are pushing yourself to hit targets and be better it makes a big difference if you have someone alongside you to motivate you and offer support, and you can do the same for them. You certainly aren’t looking for someone who lets you slack off.

Even if you are friends with someone they may have one or two habits that you find irritating so if you cannot deal with that noise they make when they run then consider asking someone else, or at least turning your music up. It also helps if your training partner can provide some lighter, more humorous moments along the way.