People lead all sorts of schedules and lifestyles and when things get particularly hectic it is not so easy to set aside a<!--more--> lot of time to get to the gym. There are however more ways than ever to satisfy that need to exercise and high-intensity interval training is a favourite for many people.

HIIT is geared towards giving you the calorie-busting session that you are looking for but in a way that allows you to slip it conveniently into your routine throughout the week. For example, it is possible to substitute a cardio session such as a long run on the treadmill which may last over half an hour, for interval training that may last less than half of that. The intensity is greater so you can burn just as many calories as you would if you were focusing on endurance.

Burpees, lunges and skipping are extremely beneficial for example but another great thing is that they are easy to get into without the fuss of needing much equipment, the rope and some mats apart. Many people want to cut fat from their body without needing to lose their muscle and HIIT satisfies this desire perfectly.