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  1. Time Under Tension for Size

    Time Under Tension for Size


    Lower and lift, that’s the typical way in which we perform gym based exercises whether they be bodyweight calisthenics, free weight dumbbell and barbell lifts or machines designed to hit specific muscle groups or movements.

    We use these exercises to damage the muscle tissue within our workouts and through rest and quality nutrition and supplementation we can cause growth of muscle tissue to improve muscular size and strength for increased aesthetics and performance. The greater stimulation and damage we can cause to these tissues then the greater the potential growth and improvement and a key factor is at play for this within our workouts.

    TUT- Time Under Tension

    Quite simply this is how much time we load muscles within our workouts, with each exercise, set of work and even every repetition that we perform to stimulate growth in size and strength. Taking the same exercise, with the s

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  2. Arm Size Made Simple

    Arm Size Made Simple

    Arm size is one of the key features of a muscular and athletic frame in all. Arguably one of the key parts of an impressive physique, ask most men what they hope to achieve from any training regimen and with the years beach season fast approaching who wouldn’t want to be able to display great upper arm size.


    Arm Mass Anatomy

    When you ask people, what makes an impressive arm the first reaction will usually be the two Biceps portions (the long and short head). Not so many people will say the often-overlooked muscle that is the brachialis muscle (that sits underneath the bicep muscles), this muscle makes considerable contribution to the size of the arm.

    While a feature of great arms is of course large biceps sitting between the shoulder and the elbow, it must be stated that the largest portion of the arm is the Triceps muscles.

    These muscles give the arm the powerful horse shoe

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  3. A Beginner's Guide To Supplements: When To Take Them?

    A Beginner's Guide To Supplements: When To Take Them?

    Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find gym-goers rattling their protein bottle shakers as much as clattering weights at the gym.

    Protein supplements have become such a natural part of our daily lifestyle that it has become second-nature to follow up our gym session with a hit of protein (and even during our workout).

    Protein supplements offer a convenient way of increasing your protein intake throughout the day when you find yourself strapped for time. However, the supplement industry is awash with scores of brands promising you results which do not deliver on their claims.

    We’ll walk you through the basics of supplementing your diet and lifestyle with protein-based products as well as give a recommendation of the best brand to begin with.

    Firstly, before beginning your workout, it is a good idea to consider

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  4. All You Need To Know About Training Volume, Intensity and Frequency

    All You Need To Know About Training Volume, Intensity and Frequency

    Once you are passed the beginner level and know your way around the gym you will probably start to ask yourself what you can do differently in order to keep progressing.

    Should you train 5 days a week instead of just 4 days?

    Should you hit some body parts twice a week and some just once?

    Should you increase the weight or just increase the reps or sets?

    If you find yourself in this position, this article will go right down your alley. The answers behind all those questions stand behind training volume, intensity and frequency.

    Once you get to know the basics of these 3 little concepts, you will be able to design you own workout splits and follow a workout routine which matches your own personal needs and you own personal schedule best.

    Volume, intensity and frequency are the only 3 things you need to consider when you look at a workout routine. Before we dive right into it, please note that the same exact principles will apply to both m

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