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One of the top brands offered at Anax Fitness is Better Bodies. They have a selection of bodybuilding clothing including compression-wear, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, vests and a whole lot more. Better Bodies clothing is a brand that does not cut corners, it instead manufactures the best quality exercise clothing possible. Furthermore, Anax Fitness offers Better Bodies clothing at prices that beat the competition on a consistent basis. Just take a look at some of the Better Bodies products to see what the fuss is all about. You will be pleasantly surprised by both the quality and the pricing.

Mr Brian Moss a very famous “fitness guru” founded the Better Bodies brand in the early eighties, whilst living in New York. Better Bodies originated as a modelling agency, which then went on to be a huge success and very well known within America. With promotion for the fitness modelling agency needed, Mr Moss chose to create a small selection of T-Shirts with the agencies branding printed on the front. With the success of the agency this meant that the demand for these t-shirts was huge! With the overwhelming demand from consumers in the fitness industry a small collection was then designed and manufactured.  


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